The next time i see you.

Everything is going fairly fine, doo-da, hoo-ha, but there is always going to be that little possibility that nothing will prevail from, it niggles at my head and it shows no sign of stopping. But you can put it to one side.

I went to HMV to buy Eminems album today, which after one listen is pretty good, and in the Basingstoke store, as you queue up to pay, there is a shelf with books on it. And they are good books as well. Today i spotted ‘Screen Burn’ by Charlie Brooker, and it was only £3, so i had to buy it. Sometimes i question the amount of dignity left in me after buying my reading materials from HMV, but stuff it. I just need to finish my current book now and then i am away with another.

Back to the Eminem album, I just want to touch on a minor issue I picked up on the first listen. The album concept behind ‘Relapse’ is Marshall Mathers been gone away for 4 years, having a drug and drink problem, going into rehab, then coming out of it and at the point of releasing this album he has been sober for a year, true story ‘n all. But what i don’t get is the topics of certain songs and the name of the album itself. I don’t know whether by the album title, Mathers is referring to a relapse which caused him to go into rehab? This would state that he had a previous problem before this one, because a relapse is going back into your drink or drug problem after previously having one. So it seems kind of hypocritical. But then the suspicion of hypocrisy formulates into blatent hypocrisy after hearing two songs in particular off of the album, ‘Old Time’s Sake’ and ‘Must Be The Ganja’. Both of these songs heavily refer to the use of marijuana. Now, unless he is so stuck for ideas that he writes songs about drug use even though he is apparently sober, baffles me. Why? If you are trying to make a statement about your personal sobriety, why write two songs about smoking pot? I’m sure there is a perfectly explainable reason for this, and someone please correct me if there is, but I don’t quite understand. Also, in one of the songs, I forget which, he is doing his little ‘toasting’ thing at the end of each song, and he says something like ‘This ain’t even true, I been sober for a year’. Don’t quote me word for word. But that is what at first threw me. Someone discard of the wool that is being pulled over my eyes?

Now that most lessons have finished at college, i have massive free periods to somehow fill for just over a month. I think I will actually spend this revising, because otherwise I will just go to town and spend money I cannot afford to be spending right about now. Plus the revision is desperately needed. Desparately!



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