Oh Great Joy

Today was alright. Morrissey chose to re-schedule his cancelled date for the 27th October, too far away to anticipate as of yet but i am grateful that I get to see him again! I’m sure it was his management that persuaded him into such a feat. Weird to think that Morrissey has management.

I had a practice with a couple of guys at Andy’s today, playing guitar for ELLE KAYE, a little project of the lead singers, i am playing guitar for it. We are playing Basingstoke Live on the Sunday so all of you can put that into your diaries, calendars, etch it onto your chest with the sharp point of a mathematical compass. Have a listen to the songs on that page, we will also be writing buckets of new songs as a band.

Drivel, drivel, drivel, this is the language in which most people of my own generation speak at the moment. Riddles and clues, a little secret language which only they and their lame friends can understand, resulting in the undying pleasure that they have just said something they shouldn’t have and everyone can read or hear it, but really only their demented circle of friends can read it, well done you. It’s alright though, my ears are slightly deaf from practice so it blocks out the bull-shit. I am extremely tired and i need to go to sleep, x


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