"I am not a man…

…I am Cantona!”. Such an awful line from a film all about himself. The film should just be THIS looped over and over and over again.

I had a nice hair cut, a nice driving lesson, although I was quite impatient, and worked the afternoon. When i got home, the England vs Netherlands 20/20 cricket was nearing the end. And what a game it was!!! Even though i only saw half an hour, it was right down to the wire. We should hang our heads in shame though. Read more about it HERE. Now we have to beat Pakistan, and I have my doubts.

I’m looking forward to The Apprentice final on Sunday, it will make my ‘hard graft’ throughout the weekend worth it. And I have a nice little anniversary party tomorrow night at the Mitchell household.

THIS is quite an interesting article on why humans behave the way they do in elevators, and THIS is just good news for everyone. x


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One response to “"I am not a man…

  1. I agree with that Cantona clip, it was terrible! lolHowever, excited about the final of the Aprentice?! That is a terrible show Jordan, i thought that you had better taste….

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