For whatever reason, my hayfever has got gradually worse and worse. The past couple of days espcially, I get (or crawl, being a more appropriate word) out of bed with that disgusting taste in your mouth after breathing through your mouth all night, because my nose is just too damn blocked to breathe through. My nose is like a cascading waterfall of beautiful goodness, whilst my sneezing attacks could scare a deaf person off. I thought the picture summed up my general feelings under the effect of hay-fever. What is worse, in my opinion, is how hayfever tablets seem to have zilch effect on hayfever. I am beginning to have serious concerns as to whether they are just placebo tablets, i didn’t take a hayfever tablet today, purely because we have run out here at home, and i don’t feel any worse than I did yesterday. Or maybe you have no other alternative and have to spend about £5 for the “top-quality” tablets such as Benadryl or whatever sodden name they have been given, to feel any different. God damn hayfever and all that it brings!

Tomorrow is the day. The day that Lee gets Halo back. There is a big Halo session in the works for tomorrow night. Game on! x


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