"I got the sucker"

It is 11:10am and i finished college for the day over an hour ago. Woohoo! The only downside is having to get the bus back home, taking a valuable 40 minutes off of my leisure time before work later! I hate buses, although I don’t know anyone who likes them.

I’m also sure that everyone has heard of Moore’s Law, right? If not, click the link and find out for yourself. Now that everyone is up to date on Moore’s Law, I have the utmost pleasure of shooting you all down with the news that the limit may be reached by 2014.

For all of you on the look-out for the newest viral web video, I do believe that this is it. He sure knows how to kill a fly.

The ‘Digital Britain’ campaign is looking good right now; with plans for easy broadband access across the whole of the UK, with a basic connection of at least 2mbps, so they say. It also sounds as if they might be broadening access to fibre-optic broadband as well, which would be great, seeing as the area I live in could benefit from fibre-optic broadband. The area is well built-up, yet the maximum connection i can receive is a mere 3mbps. So I hope that changes over the next three years. The plan for funding is a 50p per month levy on landlines. I think this is all a great idea for the UK, just what we need to remind the rest of the world that we constantly better ourselves in regards to technology. I also think the proposal for funding is a great idea, although there will, inevitably, be the handful of whiny complainers, “This is another tax that we have to pay, it is an awful idea, i’m only just getting by on the income i have now…” etc etc etc. IT IS £6 PER YEAR. Get over it. Maybe the complainers should be punished by only having access to 56kbps dial-up internet.

Xbox Live was down for system maintenance yesterday, now it is back up and I must make up for lost time. x


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