Yes, my friends, it is that dreaded word brought up once again. But this time, for a good reason. For it is today that all the expenses claims are released. God knows how many pages there are, but there are some interesting things to be found. You can even go through the expenses claims yourself, which is really quite fun for a little while. Give it a go.

Looking through an article about the best internet memes, I found one I hadn’t seen before called Boom Goes The Dynamite, I feel so sorry for that dude right there.

Amazon made a mistake to their MP3 downloads yesterday, accidentally making a number of their top-selling albums 29p. Wish that I knew that yesterday!

For Halo fans everywhere, the new MLG Top Ten is here, and some of the entries are amazing!

Hit me with your best expenses fines. One of the highlights I found was an £8.50 taxi fare from ‘Panther Taxis’. x


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