Fight ff yr dmns

So a nice weekend has been had. Yesterday I completely moved my room around, which was very productive, it looks so much better now and i have a hell of a lot more floor space than i previously did. Then I went to go and see Brand New at the HMV Forum. They were absolutely BRILLIANT. I have seen them once before, and they were very good then, but last night was something else completely. It helped a huge amount that the venue was of the smaller scale, i estimate about 2000 people were there, ish. And that seems to be the perfect sized venue for them. Not only this, but they played an amazing set list. They opened with ‘The Shower Scene’, which everyone absolutely loved, they didn’t play one song off of The Devil and God until about the 6th or 7th song. They played ‘Mixtape’ which was awesome, and even ‘Seventy Times 7’. They really played an equal amount of songs from each album, and they played two new songs from the album that they haven’t actually released yet. Gasoline and a song which is called either ‘Trees’, ‘Bride’ or ‘Brickhouse’. Both are brilliant and I can’t wait for the next album.

Then today i have just been catching up on Glastonbury goings on, Bruce Springsteen playing a 2hr 40min set, and also watching the likes of Madness, Metronomy and, unfortunately, Tom Jones. I missed Dizzee Rascals set yesterday, which apparently was a belter, and I want to see Passions Pits set at some point too, because they are definitely an awesome band. Just watch THIS. Awesome.

So it’s Blur tonight, I can’t wait for that. I think they might be showing Bon Iver’s set from the Park Stage in a bit on Freeview, so I need to go and make sure I don’t miss that. Have fun watching Blur, everyone. x


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