Careers Day

Today was careers day at college. It wasn’t as much help as I expected, all the stands had a representative for the university, so you couldn’t exactly ask in-depth questions regarding the course you are interested in, unless the representative is a metaphorical canyon of course knowledge. But I picked up lots of prospectuses, picking up two tote bags on the way. After reading the ones I am particularly interested in, I think my first choice is going to be Kent University. IT is a great Uni by the sounds of it, and the Music Technology course looks really good. Kent should make some tote bags.

I heard a band called The Vanguards on BBc Radio 2 last night on the way home from work. They have a song called ‘Regress’ which is on their website to listen to, which I think is a brilliant song. It reminded me of early Biffy-Clyro which I love. Give it a listen, the other songs are also alright, not as good as Regress though.

And to end, broaden your animal knowledge with this information about wombats. x

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