Picture it, I am walking, close to crawling, up the stairs to the locker room after a hard, gruelling weekend at work (this is all being highly dramatized). I get to the locker room, open up my locker, and check my mobile phone. A text reads that one of my bands, Yearbook, are getting played on BBC Radio Wiltshire on Thursday night. I fall back onto the floor in shock, did I really just see what I thought I saw? I grip the carpet with both hands, but fail because you can’t grip carpet. Is it true?

Of course it is, idiot. Yeah, ‘3’s and 6’s’, one of Yearbooks tracks, is being played on BBC Radio Wiltshire on the Unsigned Acts show. It is on Thursday night at 7-8pm, so please do our best to tune in, it will be much appreciated by everyone, and we would love to get some notice from other people from the airplay. See what you can arrange.

Apart from that, I have Morrissey to look forward to tomorrow night, hopefully he is fit as a fiddle and ready to take on the crowd that were left disappointed by his cancellation on the 29th May. Peace x

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