Again, deepest apologies for not blogging, but I have been ill! Came down with a sore throat on Saturday, got progressively worse in the evening, one sleepless (literally) night later and I woke up feeling awful on Sunday. I got back home and slept numerous times, and just stayed in bed resting. I have done that all of today as well, which isn’t fun. I don’t know if it is just a cold, or the phrase of which we shall not speak (swine flu). I couldn’t care less if it was, everyone has or is going to get it, and it is just a flu, but seeing as I feel slightly better today, i am skeptical as to what it might be. Tomorrow will see.

My first-born arrives tomorrow. My first-born being my brand new phone, the HTC Hero. I can’t wait for that badboy. My Samsung K660i had a good run, a good run being it hasn’t been stolen, damaged or lost, unlike my other 3 or 4 phones, but we shan’t talk about them. Unfortunately the Samsung has had its hayday, and it is time for the invasion of the smart-phone to take over and crush all other ridiculous normal phones into a shrapnel pulp. Once I get it I will be able to blog anywhere I am as well, which is a massive bonus. Most of the time I will have a good idea to blog at college or in town or somewhere, and then by the time I am home and able to blog, the idea has completely gone. So expect far more blogging. And twittering. And pictures of a GOOD quality.

You may remember the video I posted of Blur playing ‘Tender’ on Jools Holland, which i flatteringly crowned ‘my favourite guitar line’, or one of my favourite. Well I think I have found my favourite bass-line of all time. The one, the only ‘Barbarism Begins at Home’ by The Smiths. If you have listened to the song, i can guarantee the first thing that caught your eye, or should i say ear, is the funk-rock bassline that is constant throughout the song. Just watch and listen and ponder and die a little inside at how you could never write such a funky, catchy bass-line.

Now that’s what I’m talking about. I almost went into a funky dance. I think this illness has got to my head a bit. For I am Still Ill. Oh, Smiths puns.

My dad, brother and sister are camping tonight in this less than average weather, so I can only sending them my best wishes that it is not that bad. They are going to the horse racing at Goodwood tomorrow, I am hoping they will have won the jackpot. Not that anyone would give any of their takings to me.

I need to rest and chill and then go to bed. The Big Wait starts tomorrow. x


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