The past few days I have literally just spent playing around with my new phone, you know those couple of days when you just want to get used to it and know how to work everything. And i still don’t think i know how to use it efficiently. I got the HTC Hero and it is awesome, i have been using it for internet loads, but i need to stop using it so much when i could easily just use my PC instead, cut down on the internet usage, you see. I guess after a couple of weeks i will use it less for that kind of stuff anyway. I certainly love it though. And what’s even better, Facebook have finally decided to release an official app for Android! No more using It’s alright, but not great.

I am also now insured on my mums car as of Tuesday, so I have been out for a couple of drives so far, and I will doing plenty more driving next week, I really want to just pass my test now. Better get on with it.

I can’t remember if I posted it on here, I don’t think I did, but the new Muse song is absolutely amazing, I love it. Basically, Muse hid six USB keys in 6 different cities around the world, and on their microsite ‘Ununited States of Eurasia’, released clues to obtaining the six USB keys, and some nutters around the world would actually travel to find these keys. On each of the USB keys was a section of the song ‘United States of Eurasia’. Now that they have all been found, there are videos up on Youtube with all the parts together. So have a listen, see what you think. I love it:

Thoughts? The song isn’t even going to be the first single off the album, which only means that the single is going to be absolutely massive. MASSIVE!

If anyone can recommend me any sweet Android apps that I don’t have yet it would be much appreciated. x


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