Greetings to you, I call it ‘Earthlings’ because i feel like an alien. This hasn’t been updated in almost a week because of work commitments and such. I haven’t even had time to check my Google Reader RSS Feeds, i’m scared to look in fear there will be about 200 new articles.

Working 40 hours in five days work is guaranteed to make one tired, but to top that off i played a gig last night, both of the bands i am in played. It was a sweet night, I saw people I haven’t seen in a long, long time and all the bands played really well…

I even have a video of a song from Elle Kaye’s set, I am on the right:

If the sound of that appeals to you, do come along to The George in Andover on Thursday; Elle Kaye are headlining and it would be nice to see fellow faces. Come and celebrate your brilliant A Level results!

I have a throbbing headache and need to go to sleep. I am going to Southampton tomorrow to spend some money! Oh yes, the fun never stops for Jordan Aylward. Night all xx


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