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Yoyoyo, how are we all? Yesterday was a day of trials and tribulations, of ups and downs, of 🙂 and :(. I woke up at 7 ready for my driving theory test at 8:30am. Only to realize that I left the paper part of my license at my mums house, i was at my dads. I almost cried, but my dad was kind enough to drive to my mums to pick it up, leaving just enough time to walk to the theory centre in time. A rush, indeed. Whilst I was walking up there i put my iPod in, it helps me relax. All to be disturbed by a mother and her daughter, funnily enough, asking where the theory centre was. So instead of relaxing, I had to bathe in the awkardness that was walking to two people I had never met before to the Theory centre. And neither of them either said thank-you. Never again.

Once I got there and got sat down at a computer I was feeling alright. I did the multiple choice, went through it a second time and felt confident, none of the questions were very hard and I thought i knew most of them. Then I did the hazard perception and also felt equally confident. I went out when I had finished and I got given my results scarily quickly, I don’t think I like it when they do it that quickly, they should give you time to think over how you think you did. Anyway, I got the paper results and I failed. In the multiple-choice. I passed the hazard perception. I still don’t really know how I failed the multiple choice, I would like to have seen the questions I got wrong. So that was annoying, more inconvenient than anything. So it looks like I will be reading the Highway Code some more on holiday.

After this fail, I got a bus back home where I almost fell asleep. I had a massive breakfast then had a driving lesson, which I did really well in, which made me further annoyed that I had to fail my theory. Once I got home from my driving, I checked my Economics AS result online. I got a D. Ouch. So all in all yesterday, not a great day in any way. But in the evening I played a gig in Andover with Ellekaye which was fun. By this point I wasn’t exactly in the mood to play a gig, and I was very tired, but it was pretty fun.

Now I am sitting here anticipating holiday tomorrow. I definitely need one and I love France a huge amount. I will try to take plenty of photos on my phone whenever I can.

I’m going to chill out before the last shift of work for a while! x


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