France is Not The World

Hello! How good it feels to speak in English once again, and how unnatural it feels to be typing in English, or just typing in general. I am pleased to be gathered as close as possible to all my favourite possessions, my PC, my TV, my Xbox 360, my guitars and my beloved iTunes library. As nice as France was, this is where I belong, I am afraid.

It was a lovely break, nice, but not lovely, weather, definitely lovely locations and plenty of time to chil and get away from the normality of what I call Basingstoke. But I was more than ready to come home. I think I was probably ready to come home by the time Thursday came around, to be honest. But now the holiday is over, I can look forward to tomorrow, my day ticket pass for Reading Festival. It is not such the festival I am looking forward to, but Radiohead in the evening. I have always, always wanted to to see Radiohead live more than most bands, and now that dream will finally ring true this time tomorrow. Ish. Plus about 90% of my friends are currently at Reading so it will be good to see them after not seeing a further 90% of that 90% since we broke up from college.

Although I fell in love with ‘Humbug’ before I left for France, it was still the anthem for the holiday. The whole album. It is the best album of the 2000’s and I bought the physical CD format whilst in France, I think I will keep that CD for the rest of my life. That and a couple of others.

The picture on the right I took on Holiday, from the top of L’Chateau Chinon, infact. If you want to see the rest of them, I took about 30 or 40, then go on my Flickr where I dump various photos… THIS LINK takes you straight to the set actually.

Peace and I will see you all on Monday to let you know how Radiohead were, if my head hasn’t self-destructed with their greatness. x


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