The Holy Throne

Good evening. I am currently listening to ‘Daisy’, the new Brand New album, sounding good so far. If you haven’t heard any of the tracks off of the album, check out this video of the new single ‘At The Bottom’. There isn’t really a video it’s just the song:

I really like it, from what I’ve heard so far that song sums up most of the album.

Another BANGER of a tune I heard today is the Rusko remix of ‘Take Me to the Hospital’, released today on iTunes, but why download it when you can listen to it in HQ right here?

Pretty phat, eh?

Haven’t down much today, watched the last episode of Series 1 of The Wire only to be interrupted halfway through by my driving instructor, I completely forgot about my lesson I thought it was tomorrow. I still drove like I had been doing it my whole life though. But I finished The Wire and can’t wait to watch Series 2. It is such a brilliant TV series and if you haven’t watched it before I strongly suggest that you do.

For now, I think that’s it. Get Daisy x


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