I don’t Use Genius as Often As I Should

I know sometimes, iTunes genius function isn’t that great. I remember at the Apple keynote where they presented it, they used genius on a song like ‘Hound dog’ by Elvis Presley or something similar, and it merely came up with other songs with the word ‘Hound’ or ‘Dog’ in it. But every rare time I think to use it, I get a really good playlist. Pressing Genius on ‘Limousine’ by Brand New brings a variety of bands, Manchester Orchestra, Bright Eyes, mewithoutYou, Fall of Troy, to name a few. And then you realize how tightly knit your own music taste is.

My first full day at college today was OK. The second year doing my music course seems like a lot more creative freedom will be involved, I don’t have to work with people I don’t get on and can’t work with, and the teacher doing practical lessons isn’t a complete pushover like the rest. And Music Tech will be good once we got to doing coursework. It’s almost reversed; i don’t even enjoy the free time any more. There’s nothing to do and no one to do nothing with. I should have done something productive in my free time today and got the new Jay-Z album.

In smartphone news, Motorola announced their first Android phone, the Cliq. And it looks good! A 5 megapixel camera, live feed updates, a Nokia N97-esque slide out keyboard and Motoblur, which although impossible to find a description of what it actually is on the Motorola website, I assume is their take on the Android UI. It was only released a couple of days ago, but it definitely has potential. Doesn’t have the Sense UI though, therefore my HTC Hero wins.

And now that I have saved more than enough money for a good car and insurance, I have actually started looking for a car. I’m currently looking at Renault Clios from about the 1999 model onwards. I just like the look of them loads, and obviously they are good starter cars. So if anyone has a Renault Clio for sale, you know how to call! x

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  1. I must agree with you, Jordan,after watching Later with Jules Holland, that Muse is the best band that has been heard in a long time. They have incredible talent & the acoustics are fantastic.

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