Not in the Mood

I’m sitting here with a coffee and listening to ‘Everybodys Talking, Nobodys Listening’, trying to rejuvenate my energy. I don’t know if it will work but I hope it does. I am a tired boy and i have a headache!

I was looking at the line up for Fabric in October and it is absolutely brilliant, I wish i was 18 sooner! It’s to celebrate Fabric’s 10th birthday in October. Take a look for yourself. IF i had to choose a night it would be October 15th; look at the serious amount of dub in room 2! That would make my year.

There really hasn’t been a lot to write about as of recent. Found out that Orange are going to be selling the iPhone, therefore getting rid of the o2 exclusivity. Don’t quite know how Orange managed to blag that; perhaps because T-Mobile and Orange will soon be merging?

‘Everybodys Talking, Nobodys Listening’ is pretty rubbish. So I am listening to Skream, muuuuuuuuuch better. This coffee is almost working too! My friend is currently doing work experience in London and just text me to tell me he is/was hanging out with Kelly Jones, the lead singer of the Stereophonics. He isn’t exactly at the top of my ‘people i’d like to meet’ list, but he would be interesting no doubt.

Plans for this week:
– catch up on sleep
– devote time to dub
– devote time to homework
– play firefight on ODST (still haven’t had a chance to yet thanks to my bro)
– Get some nice autumn clothes



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