I love the word Kraken, even if people do think first of the Seaworld ride rather than the ginormous octopus-like creature that it actually is. I’m pretty sure Nike had a football or a football boot or something called Kraken at some point, too.

Currently downloading the latest Rusko mix, ‘Keep Watch Vol. XII’ presented by Mishka. Click the link on the page to download it via Mediafire. I don’t know if it will be any good but it’s always going to be worth a listen.

I had what I like to call a ‘brilliant Wednesday’ today. It sounds like a rubbish cocktail but it involves me finishing college at 12.40 and then having more than a couple of hours in the evening to myself. I got to spend a good 4-5 hours today working on a new tune which is sounding dope, fresh, off the chain and so-forth. As soon as I am happy with it (which may be some time) anyone here will be there first to know about it via Soundcloud. The Rusko mix is being uploaded to my iTunes as we speak.

Not long now until Google Wave! Hopefully within the next couple of days we will have access to it, although I am prepared to wait. And then the 1st October marks the Windows 7 pre-order deal. Anyone with an email address can pre-order Windows 7 for £30! Very excited for both of them.

For now I have free time to look forward to. Roll on the weekend, of which I can spend getting organized, relaxing and making more music. Oh my God, just started listening to the mix, the first song has blown my mind, it’s like 80’s smooth R&B was involved in a serious car crash with dub-step.

And to finish, when Al Gore started filming ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, he should have scrapped the whole climate change idea and filmed it about this travesty. Mind you, they could have made the cross-section just a liiiiiiiiiiiiiiittle bit bigger. x


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