From Acorns…

Work was extremely hard today. there were only 3 of us at any given time on the shop floor, when there is usually about 7, it was extremely busy and the tills kept on crashing, causing the customers to get angry and queue all the way back to the end of the earth. It was horrible. But all that is over and done with. A diamond amongst the shrapnel was a wise old man who I helped with a pair of trousers. Whilst in conversation with him he said a phrase that stuck in my head ‘Well, from acorns, oak trees grow’. I thought it was quite a nifty phrase so I might steal it from him. Plus he found the trousers he was after so two birds with one stone and all that.

Me and my dad are starting a new business venture, we are going to make our own ginger beer. It is ludicrously easy (possibly tasty, but we will see), I would tell you the recipe, but, no. All I need to do is buy the ingredients.

Tomorrow consists of FIFA and KFC, good night x

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