Lanosrep Tnemetats

Sorry I haven’t posted in a couple of days, the past few nights have involved me, a computer chair, a keyboard, computer mouse, Microsoft Word, a tonne of guides and a brain working overtime. That’s right, it’s personal statement season! There should be five seasons in a year, Personal Statement season would be about three weeks long and would slot nicely between summer and autumn. It would work great, seeing as it is still summer now and it definitely shouldn’t be, so we will just pop it around here.

But it is so very hard, the hardest thing I have had to word process, probably ever. At least with 90% of essays or assignments you are given some sort of template; a structure you have a to follow or something to help start you off. But personal statements give you nothing. Write a 4000 word article to someone you have never met before describing how great you are and why they should pick you over hundreds of other students. Yes, it really is as hard as that! Plus, the first draft deadline is Thursday and my tutor decides to tell me this on Friday. Great work.

So until I have finished the draft to a fine T, I am just another boring sod, tapping his life away on a computer. If anyone wants to give me the best personal statement ever as a template for mine, don’t hesitate. x


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