Friday nights are rubbish. But what happens within a Friday night can be good. I’m not about to embark upon an epic adventure story, I have simply spent the night at my dads watching Peep Show, which was just the best thing ever. It is one of those rare, rare shows where no matter how many series there are, they just don’t get any worse. They might even get better.

Work was awful tonight. I was informed that I would be working down on food for an hour out of my four-hour shift, which is fine, I have no problem with that. I then got told it would actually be two hours, which is OK at the most. I guess I will do it. I then ended up down on foods for three hours, which I definitely do not like, especially when I am not told about it. I was meant to finish work at 8 but didnt get out until ten past because of customers waiting to pay, and once I finished I didn’t get one thank-you from anyone else working. It just really pisses me off when you aren’t appreciated at all, and I know for a fact they would treat an older member of staff completely differently. And that is exactly what makes me look forward to a wonderful weekend of work! Or not…

Morrissey tomorrow will make it all worth it. I have a sneaky suspicion that he will play Jack The Ripper, God if he does I will die a happier man.

Peace and love until Sunday x


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