Oh my gosh, it has been days! Days and hours and minutes and even more seconds. But a lot has been going on. Trust me, IF i do not post in days, there is a busy schedule of which I am involved. If I have nothing to do my hand automatically reaches for the ‘Blogger’ tab on my Firefox page.

So what have I been doing? Well, I am playing guitar for the musical ‘Jack the Ripper’ at college, of which we are practicing all week, taking up a large amount of my free time. Rehearsing all through college every day this week, and then the performances on Wednesday and Thursday, I will definitely be stretched for time. But I quite enjoy the show so it’s not all bad. I have finished my first batch of ginger beer. It taste’s really nice, possibly needs a tad more ginger to it, and it smells extremely yeasty for some reason, but it is without a doubt very nice.

I went to visit Bournemouth University on a blustery Saturday. I wasn’t really considering the university; Kent and Surrey had been a dead certainty for me at that point and Bournemouth would have been my insurance choice. But on arrival I was very surprised. Turns out that because it is such a new university, this year will be their first final year students, hence why there has not been much talk about the university in general. I went to look at the Music and Audio Technology course, and was impressed by both the talk and the facilities tour. 24/7 access to the studios is a haven for me, there would be plenty of overnight recording going on. Everyone I spoke to was incredibly helpful with everything I had to say, plus one of the teachers on my chosen course is French, which would make everything that little bit more funny. I wouldn’t be surprised if I chose Bournemouth as my first choice now.

Tomorrow is a big day. No longer will I be a second-class citizen. No longer will I be drinking alcohol illegally. No longer shall I be confined to the joys of my bedroom due to being too young to be anywhere, and most importantly, no longer will I be too young to buy Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2! The big 18th is tomorrow, ladies and gentleman. I still have to go to college, but I don’t need to be in until 2pm (thank-you, musical rehearsals!), and after college I am going out for a meal at Hee’s with the family. But this is just the beginning of my frantic frenzy of a week, I don’t even want to begin to curse my luck… x


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