That Friday Feeling

I can just imagine myself on a rollercoaster. A rollercoaster where everything is golden and brown. Everything is very smooth, there is a thumping disco track playing, and for some reason I get extremely hungry extremely quickly. The rollercoaster goes into outer space, one guy got a bit scared but it was fine. The rollercoaster went around the moon, which was gold, and then back down to earth until we all had a hideous crash into a huge pool of brown. Why? Because it is that classic Crunchie advert from years ago. Don’t remember it? Douse yourselves in nostalgia, it’s good for you. Anyway, the point in this is that the whole advert revolved around the phrase ‘Get that Friday Feeling’, and today is Friday. But I don’t have that Friday feeling. I wish i did, but I don’t. Having worked tonight, and then being faced with the prospect of working all weekend, that Friday feeling cannot be summoned from within me. And even if it was summoned from within me, it would be incredibly bored after about half a minute, and probably feel a bit used. It would just be no good on this particular Friday. Maybe I will get double the Friday feeling next Friday? I should do, it makes perfect sense.

Since I’ve been home, I have eaten a meal that could easily keep an average family of 4 full until breakfast tomorrow, and watched some television. This new programme called ‘Popstar to Opera-star’ is on, or something like that. And with a name as innovative as that, why wouldn’t they be expecting a huge audience!? The show is presented by Alan Titchmarsh and Myleene Klass, possibly the worst matched pair of presenters I have ever seen. Some of the popstar’s who are trying to become opera-stars, so to speak, are actually quite well known. There is Danny from McFly, Alex James from Blur and the long-haired lover from Liverpool himself, Jimmy Osmond. The judges are just funny. Katherine Jenkins, fair enough, Meatloaf, hilarious, Lawrence Llewelyn Bowen (or something like that) who keeps on looking around trying to find a shabby pair of curtains or some linoleum with a scuff on it, and some afro-donned guy who I’ve never seen before with eyebrows big enough to protect a brown bear from a rain-storm. I just watched Alex James attempt to sing in Opera STYLEE and he failed catastrophically, but made it good somehow. I think it might be because I have a little soft spot for the lovable oath. He played bass guitar in a huge band and now lives on a farm making cheese. If that isn’t my future life, I don’t know what is. But anyway, if you want some mega LOLZ, go watch it.

I’m going to go an do something else now, try and rid myself of the Friday blues. That Friday feeling is just hiding in a concave within my body somewhere, I promise. Maybe I need to eat more crunchies…


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