Tin Foil

I write this to put off getting ready for work. That’s right, Marks and Spencer, my blog is more important than your shoddy multi-million making company. Atleast I get to express how i’m really feeling on here.

In truth, I probably shouldn’t be going to work. I’m 99.9% certain that I am coming down with tonsillitis. The majority of me feels fine, but drowsiness and an extremely sore throat are the last things you want when you have to be walking round constantly and talking to a lot of customers. But it’s a short shift so i’m not massively fussed. The past few days I have had a sore throat which has got gradually worse over time, and yesterday I noticed that my lymph nodes in my neck had swollen up quite a bit. And then today, about fifteen minutes ago, I looked at my tonsils to discover a quite disgusting white patch on my right tonsil. From what I have read, this means I definitely have tonsillitis. Which isn’t fun at all. But I am going to go to work and at least then if I don’t make it in tomorrow, they know I have a good reason not to be in. To ease the pain of what seems like swallowing a whole roll of tin foil, I have been drinking tea after coffee after coffee after coffee after tea. Literally, once I finish one, the kettle goes back on. It helps a lot.

My Sennheiser CX550’s arrived yesterday. Like a little kid at Christmas after unwrapping a fire engine, I took them out of the packaging (with care, might I add) and plugged them into my iPod straight away. Low and behold, they are brilliant. Great balance of sound in all three sectors, bass, mid and treble, and after a bit of fiddling around with the EQ’s, I settled with the classical setting, tiny bit of oomph in the bass, and a little bit of reduction on the treble. Excellent! The only thing that has ever annoyed me about iPod’s is the lack of customizable EQ, it has bugged me ever since I got it. The EQ’s are okay, but never seem to suit any earphones that I buy! Sort it out, Jobs.

Anyway this has been quick, I gotta go. x


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