So it is half term. And it doesn’t feel like it. Obviously there are the days with no college, but it just doesn’t have that half-term vibe. But that doesn’t mean it’s not good, oh no. Yesterday, 3/4 of Yearbook started recording in a massive barn for a brand new EP that we are releasing. EP’s are such a huge cliché, but this isn’t. The sounds we are getting from the barn are absolutely ridiculous, it sounds HUGE. One song is almost there, and there are 4 more waiting to be done. This is what I love about being a musician; going to a certain location and experimenting with sounds, locations, arrangements, I love it. Things are looking extremely positive, and I am extremely grateful for this. Watch the Yearbook space. And follow us on Twitter, if you have it. We are @Yearbookband, and we will be posting frequent pictures and news regarding anything Yearbook related.

I am currently writing this when I should really be in bed, listening to the latest Juno Dubstep podcast. Which is great by the way, there’s a track by an act called Cinnamon Chasers which almost had me dancing it is that good. Hopefully we will be recording in the barn tomorrow, and if we do I will make sure I blog from the location. Hopefully, it will be a great day! Peace and love x



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2 responses to “Shock

  1. I completely agree with the last commentor – especially the bit about the chicken and the bus.Good luck with the band !

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