Tea Leaf Dancers

Good morning! I’m surprisingly alert for a Tuesday morning and it feels good. The sun is out, it is trying to creep through my blackout blinds, but I tease it and wait for it to find other ways inside. Good luck, sun. Until you make Basingstoke a warmer place instead of just a brighter one, there is no room in this inn.

My frist lesson on a Tuesday is always Music Technology, and once my teacher eventually arrived after being ‘stuck in a traffic jam on the motorway’, the lesson was rather good. We went round the class listening to other peoples coursework and giving them feedback. The coursework was to take either ‘Mr. Tambourine Man’ or ‘Lay All Your Love on Me’, and turn either of them into an ambient piece of music. I have a feeling I have previously explained this at some point. But nonetheless, we have all pretty much finished now, which is why we went round listening to other peoples. I head some good piece, and I am very grateful to know that people really enjoyed mine. I think Music Technology is literally down to practicing and getting first-hand experience, so I am lucky to have had plenty of practice before going in to actually study Music Tech. I can’t think of anything I would rather study at University than Music Technology. I can’t wait to see where it takes me. Hopefully somewhere great.

Lately I’ve been not just flicking through my iTunes to find something I want to listen to, but going through with a fine toothcomb, listening to things I wouldn’t normally do, or haven’t given a chance. And that particular toothcomb managed to make its presence known upon Flying Lotus. Which I have been listening to for a couple of days. If there is one artist that can divide a dance audience, it will be Flying Lotus. The best way I can describe them is probably ‘disjointed minimal dance’, and you really have to listen to some of their stuff to realize why. So here are two of my favourite tracks off of their EP, ‘Reset’:

‘Tea Leaf Dancers’ – I’m pretty sure this isn’t an official video.

Tell me what you think, because I know some people will literally not get it AT ALL.

That is it really. Goodbye now. x

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