Happy St. Patricks Day

Whether Irish or not so Irish, happy St. Patricks Day. I am quarter Irish, with my Mum’s dad being from Cork. So today I shall celebrate by drinking Guinness and playing as Ireland on FIFA.

I am giving the Them Crooked Vultures album a proper listen, and so far I love it. Josh Homme makes anything good, in my opinion. I just love that whole stoner-rock sound he manages to squeeze out of bands and musicians. Just give the first two Arctic Monkeys albums a listen, and then listen to Humbug, it is drenched in Josh Homme’s influential sweat. And that is why it is brilliant. The song below is called ‘Elephants’.

This is a story about a one-year old girl who is pregnant. Obviously, it is a medical condition, but read the comments at the bottom, there is a person called Keles who has to be the stupidest human being on earth. Enjoy your Guinness. x


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