BBC 6 Music

When I got home earlier, I wasn’t really sure what to listen to whilst on my PC. I decided to listen to the radio, seeing as I don’t listen to enough radio as it is. I was going to listen to BBC Radio 2, but I don’t like the guy who is on at this time in the morning. So I put BBC 6 Music on. It’s Lauren Laverne, who I don’t exactly love either, but the music is always good. And that’s when I asked myself, ‘why, or what, was the reasoning behind getting rid of BBC 6 music?’.

I know that it is one of the lesser listened-to radio station, what with it being only available on DAB radio and all, and that is probably the fundamental reason for cutting it, along with Asian Network. But I also remember that they were cutting radio stations, parts of their websites, and imported TV shows so that there would be much more homegrown, British content from the BBC, which does stand for British Broadcasting Corporation after all. And that is why I don’t understand why they think to cut BBC 6 Music. Out of all of the BBC radio stations, 6 Music is by far one of the most British radio station that they own! They play alternative music, of which 90% of it is British I reckon, because alternative music is what we do best.

I think rather than cut it, they should make BBC 6 Music available via FM radio, maybe even only for a limited time, so more people can listen to it and get an opinion on it. Then, if the majority of people don’t enjoy it, then they can cut the station if need be. But I think more people deserve to listen to it; it seems to me the equivalent of buried ‘digital’ treasure. Just to show that many, many people care about the closure of the station, here is a letter of appeal written by Mr Ed O’Brian of Radiohead.

It will be a sad, sad day when/if it closes, and a huge step in the wrong direction from the BBC.


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