A Tribute to Guru

It was yesterday morning that I had heard that Guru of Gang Starr fame, had tragically passed away. Now I’m not claiming to be a life-long fan of their work, that would be an upright lie, but over the past 4 months I have grown more than fond of them. The lyrics are always so meaningful, and delivered in such a way that you almost stop in your tracks to reflect on what has just been said. It was these lyrical masterpieces on top of DJ Premier’s simple but hard-hitting old-school hip hop beats that took each others hand and skipped merrily through the park together, content with knowing that they were onto something special.

But they never got the credit they deserved. I think I must have first heard them when I was about 12, on either a Tony Hawk’s or a Dave Mirra game (i’m sure they were on both). But apart from that, they seemed to remain very much a cult rap-group. And I am going to stand up and say that I think they are probably THE most under-stated rap group ever. His lyrics will not be forgotten, and neither will the music, because music of that calibre is eternal.

Read an obituary of Guru’s life.


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