I got home from college today, checked my Twitter feed, and Pitchfork Media mentioned that Flying Lotus was streaming his new album. ‘Cosmogramma’, on his Myspace. Needless to say, I clicked on the link faster than I think I have ever clicked, and am currently listening. Being a huge Radiohead fan, I felt obliged to listen to the track featuring Thom Yorke first, and it is great. From the four songs I have heard/am listening to right now, it is extremely jazz-orientated, one track in particular has the most ridiculous jazz improvisation on bass pretty much the whole way through, but it’s great. Exactly what I expected from FlyLo. Listen here.

In other more technology-based news, Nokia have gone and released their newest phone, the Nokia N8 today. Despite the ridiculous specs of a 12MP camera and 720p video-recording, I can’t help but think Nokia need to make drastic changes if they are to stay afloat in the smart-phone market of today. They could put a bloody SLR on the back of their phone for all that I care and I still wouldn’t buy it; Symbian just isn’t a good enough OS and I personally think the N8 is an ugly looking phone. Tell me what you think!

Yesterday I was reading this particular article on how to give your whole iTunes library a good listen to, as opposed to listening to a few things all the time. It is pretty complicated and very time consuming – I spent several hours rating everything in my library of 8000+ songs, but the result at the end is worth it. With my iTunes set to shuffle, I am giving music that I wouldn’t normally listen to a chance, and discovering some real gems that I would have never listened to. The only thing I don’t quite understand is the need for a few of the playlist’s when you are only meant to listen to one of them.

The last subject that I have to discuss – Evernote. If you haven’t heard of it, it is a website/phone application that you basically use to store everyday notes, phone numbers that you might need for future reference, contact details, ideas that pop into your head, it even has a web-clipper which allows you to take part of a web page and save it so you can look back at only the relevant information. What I love about it is the synchronization between the website and the phone application. I have the Evernote app on my HTC Hero, and if I write a note and save it on the Evernote website, I can find it straight away by simply opening the app and typing in a keyword in the search bar. It is a great app, but I feel that I don’t get enough use out of it. If I have an idea for a band song, I record an audio file of me playing it on my guitar and then save it, and I also use it for writing lists of things I need to buy/do etc. But apart from that, I don’t use it for much else. I think it’s because all I do is go to college, and at work I can’t use my phone, so I don’t need to take down many notes, but hopefully that will change and I can use it to full effect. If anyone has it, or want’s to give it a try, please give me your opinion. Also, give me some good ideas for how I should use it effectively. x

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