Tiny Little People Number One

Another awesome feature on Vignette is that you can import any photo that is on your phone at the time, and from there you can apply the effects to that chosen photo.

With tilt-shift photography in mind, and knowing that it is best used looking down on your subject, I imported a picture of the crowd at a Coldplay gig at Wembley Stadium which I went to in September 2009. Here is the original, which is mind-blowing enough due to the huge amount of people:

And here is the picture with tilt-shift applied:

APologies for awful picture quality; I had to stretch the pixels to get them big enough due to rubbish Blogger picture uploader, but hopefully that gives people a good idea of what tilt-shift photography achieves. There is too much blur on the bottom and top of the photo, but it shrinks the scale of the photo, so that in the affected picture, it looks like a miniature model of Wembley Stadium with tiny, little people watching. I think it is most obvious on the stage roof, and the runs on either side of the stage.

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