Last night was the first night of my course’s FMP, which stands for Final Major Project. Our major project is putting on a two-night concert in the college hall. After a bloody god awful dress rehearsal in the day, the actual thing went alright. The songs that I performed in went pretty well, but due to certain people being utter rubbish at anything music-related, despite being on a music course, some of the songs didn’t go quite as well as planned. Seeing as we had so many songs planned, we have split a few of them into different nights. Because of this, tonight’s show is far better and is guaranteed to go much smoother than last nights. I spent part of the dress rehearsal ogling my classmate’s original Ibanez Tube Screamer pedal, with the old Ibanez logo and everything. It has no LED indicator and no mains input, but it is a beautiful thing, I will try and get a picture of it and put it up on here.

I think the harsh nature of studying a music course is that is completely pot-luck who you get in your class. And on a music course, the people who you will be playing with is the biggest factor when it comes to doing well on that course. You’d think they would have come up with some sort of process to ensure that you aren’t going to be in a class with a bunch of musical amateurs, and some colleges have. To get on my music course I had to audition for it in front of three teachers. When I got through, I felt like I had achieved something; I felt as if I was good enough to be where I was. But then once I started college, I realized what a scam the audition is. I don’t know anyone who didn’t pass the audition, and I know for a fact that some of the people in my class would have done the equivalent of enter the audition room, crawl up into the foetal position and cry, because they were nowhere near good enough. But apparently even doing that can get you through the audition! And if you don’t fancy doing the audition, you can spend a year doing the music course that is even easier than my current one, and then automatically go onto the BTEC National Diploma providing that you pass, which I can only imagine is no harder than simply saying the alphabet.

I’m not mocking my class at all, there a few rubbish people, but everyone else is very good, and great fun, but if I could rewind two years, I never would study a music course at college. x


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