Today was spent in anticipation for one thing. Halo Reach. The multiplayer BETA was being released today via the Halo: ODST disc. This may mean nothing to you, but the whole of the Xbox Live world was virtually waiting with baited breath until someone, anyone, heard something from Bungie about it finally being live. The amount of hilariously thick UK citizens who were moaning about the late arrival of the BETA is stupendous; I knew there were a lot of stupid people in the UK, but not THAT many. And I call it a ‘late arrival’, it wasn’t at all. Bungie yesterday said that it would be released ‘late morning PDT’, which stands for Pacific Daylight Time. Despite Bungie clearly stating this, many people misinterpreted it as late morning GMT. The selfish good-for-nothings! But anyhow, it finally went live at 18:00 GMT, and from that very minute the Bungie website became a page simply saying ‘server is too busy’. You know like when you try to get Glastonbury tickets on release day and the websites have all just crashed? Yeah it was like that.

I started downloading the BETA at about 18:10 today. It is now 23:16, and it is merely 60% complete. The file is only 1.15GB. This is a prime example of how slow my internet is/becomes. In the morning, or when I am on my own in the house with no one using any computers or Xbox’s, the internet is great, I would even go as far to say that it is fast. But as the day goes on, and as more people switch on computers and Xbox’s, the internet deteriorates rapidly. So it looks like I will either have to leave it running overnight, or just start again in the morning and hope it is much faster. But from people who have a faster internet connection than me, I hear it is amazing. I am SO EXCITED TO PLAY IT.

In non-gaming news, I would like to move swiftly onto the Audi R8 GT. Now, I would never say that I am a car fanatic. I don’t look at many nice cars and go ‘oh yeah, I would totally love that car!’, but some cars are an exception. The Audi R8 is definitely one of those cars. I would go as far as to say that it is my favourite car in the world. Everything about it is amazing. It is probably the most attractive car I have ever seen, packs a real punch in terms of engine size and is just an amazing car (is it obvious i’m not a car fanatic?). To save me warbling on about the differences between the original R8 and the new R8 GT, just click on the above link and have a read for yourself. But it is a little beauty!

If you are stuck for blogs to read of late, my good friend has just started up a new blog, Uncertainty is Beautiful.


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