Jewelz and Villagers

Today was probably one of, if not the most interesting days I have had at work. Not because the whole thing was interesting, but the last 45 minutes were. I served a man at the till, and when he got to get his money out of his wallet, he put his keys and a plastic wallet down on the till. I looked at the plastic wallet closer, and it was attached to a string which was designed to be worn around the neck. Inside the plastic wallet was a picture of Jools Holland sitting by his piano. Then it struck me, I knew someone who was going to see Jools Holland tonight at The Anvil. By this point I realized it was a backstage pass, so I asked him about it. Turns out he drives Jools around on his tour; wherever they may need to be. Taxi driver, chauffeur, call him what you will. But once he told me that, we had long since leaped into deep conversation about Jools himself, the Later… With Jools Holland shows, his own music taste, places he had been to, his 12 year-old son, everything. He was raving about Band of Horses and who he was tipping them to become HUGE over here, and then he mentioned Jerry Dammers Spatial A.K.A Orchestra, which we both love. It sounded as if he also goes around on tour with Jerry Dammers, as he had been to pretty much every show going. He was an absolutely terrific guy. We got so in-depth about music, and were both so passionate about our music, it was just so refreshing to talk to someone at work who is as interested in good music as I am. We both started talking about the development of Jamaican music as well; how it has gone from drums to chants to Nyabingi to Ska to Rocksteady to Dub and then all the music in-between. Once we got to that point I was enthralled, but we couldn’t talk forever unfortunately and so we parted ways after 35 minutes with a hand-shake. It was great.

We both came to a conclusion that sums up completely how I feel about music: “Music shouldn’t come to you, you need to go and look within the music”. He than finished by saying “you should sack the DJ”, as we were playing the same old disco rubbish that is played on rotation within Marks and Spencers. It was a great 35 minutes.

After reminiscing on recent episodes of Later With… I decided to listen to one of the artists that completely blew me away a few weeks back; Villagers. On Later with… it was just one guy on his own, but he has a band when he plays live normally. Conor J O’Brien absolutely astounded me. For such a young man he writes the most beautiful lyrics I have heard in so long. There was an instant resemblance to Bright Eyes – even the names are similar – but the chord progressions tend to throw you off course, but in such a way that it becomes something even better than you expect it to. I am expecting huge, huge things from Villagers, but I don’t particularly want them to become radio material. They don’t seem like the kind of people that would succumb to such nonsense.

This is my favourite song of theirs, called ‘Becoming A Jackal’, which is the very performance on Later With… that I mentioned.

The next video I found on his Myspace. It is just him on his own, in a bathroom of some sort, playing a song called ‘On A Small Stage’. When the guitar cuts out and it is just him singing, it makes it feel so intimate and amazing.

See what I mean? Brilliant. Plus he is Irish.

I just downloaded Cosmogramma, Flying Lotus’ new album. If you haven’t heard it and want to get into it, let me show you a song off of the album, featuring guest vocals from Mr Thom Yorke himself.



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  1. His vocal reminds me a bit of Micheal Stipe or whatever his name is from R.E.M.

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