Can I just start off with what I would like to nominate for ‘cheesiest line of 2010’. It involves Tom Jones talking about drugs. Say no more.

Yearbook played a show last night at The Purple Turtle in Reading. After begrudgingly obeying Reading’s stupid one-way system, we got there. One of the bands turned up without a drummer, and the other band just didn’t turn up, until five minutes before their set. After setting everything up, I looked around the venue and was kind of disturbed. It was the typical ‘cover all our walls with humorous/musical/controversial punk posters!‘ look, but it wasn’t just that. There were posters of weird naked, gothic women, a poster saying something along the lines of ‘Man created beer, God created weed, which do you trust?’, some weird poster featuring Miffy the rabbit, whos is a toddler’s cartoon character, and then the Purple Turtle logo itself is a rubbish picture of a turtle holding a pint in one hand, or paw or whatever they have, and then smoking what I can only imagine is a joint after seeing all the subconscious propaganda.

We played a good set, but I didn’t really enjoy it. The stage was longer than it was wider, so space to move around was completely minimal. Also, it is much more of a social pub than a venue. As soon as bands played, everyone want outside so they could have a chat about their day working at Karen Millen in The Oracle. So, so bland. After much stress getting out of The Oracle car-park at 00:10, we finally made it back to Basingstoke.

A gig is a gig in all, but not really when the promoter is lazy and doesn’t bother resolving any issues whatsoever. We got paid last night, but if we didn’t then I would have been supremely annoyed at what the benefits of the gig itself were. Because there weren’t any benefits. However, we have two shows next week. One is at the Sanctuary bar in Basingstoke with two local band and good friends, A Stereo Summer and The Fortunate. Then after that we are playing at The Avenue in Newbury on the Friday. Both of these shows are guaranteed to go much better due to a good promoter, so come on down if you can!

My new album recommendations are Foals – ‘Total Life Forever’ and Band of Horses ‘Infinite Arms’. The Foals album is much better than their first offering, but there are still a few iffy tracks on it. It starts off good, dips a bit, gets really quite good in the middle and then the ending tails off slightly as their arrogance manages to creep through once again. They are a band I love to hate but they make pretty good music so I am in two minds. As for Band of Horses, ‘Infinite Arms’ is a collection of rather beautiful country-rock songs. I call it country rock, but it is accessible to anyone, and should be accessible to anyone because they are a great band, so have a listen.


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