At the moment on Twitter, a certain hashtag named #stupidscientology is trending due to Scientologists attempting to persecute a Cardiff councillor after he called the group ‘stupid’ on Twitter. The hashtag is being used against the scientologists to defend the Cardiff councillor, who wrote ‘I didn’t know the Scientologists had a Church on Tottenham Court Road. Just hurried past in case the stupid rubs off’. Despite being in a free country where freedom of speech is whore-heartedly acceptable, the group are still trying to persecute. Now I will not go into further detail because A) I may just carry on writing forever and B) I don’t want to be persecuted for expressing an opinion, but please take your time to read this Time Magazine article from 1991, which brilliantly explains everything you need to know.


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3 responses to “Stupidology

  1. Scientology is THE single most rediculous religion I can think of. If I remember correctly, the founder was quoted with saying “the easiest way to get rich is to start your own religion”. Lowe and behold: Scientology, a religion who’s roster is compiled of the wealthy and influential, they’re a bit like a modern masons in some ways…

    The Louie Theroux program on it showed just how unreasonable they are. I mean, sure they don’t molest kids, but they do bully and cajole through their access to finance.

    Isn’t religion annoying and troublesome? Check this out for a humourous moment.

  2. Yeah, they are indeed just a money-laundering cult, I refuse to call it a religion or a Church. I saw that video on Ben Greene’s Facebook recently I think? I haven’t seen the Louis Theroux documentary, but I have seen the BBC one with John Sweeney which is amazingly disturbing in terms of how controlling and demanding they can be. That article above is definitely worth reading.

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