Random Start #7: ‘Burned Is The House’ – Alkaline Trio

Alkaline Trio are one of those bands that I don’t really like because most of their stuff just sounds very similar, but I am very fond of Matt Skiba’s voice, it is great. I will hand it to them, they are great songwriters and they are obviously very smart guys, but it’s just not the kind of music I enjoy much any more. Take me back to when I was 14 and I would lap this up completely.

Yesterday I FINALLY got the update for my HTC Hero that I have oh so desperately been craving for months now. The 2.1 update for the phone was promised first back in October 2009, and it wasn’t until yesterday that HTC and Orange managed to pull eachother’s heads out of their respective arses and get on with it. And I do believe for once that this was achieved thanks to a Facebook group. The group ‘Orange UK – Give HTC Hero Owners The 2.1 Update – NOW‘ was created less than two weeks ago and in that time has gained just under 1000 followers; a thousand people that were as disgruntled and impatient as I was, amazing! The founder of the group, the literal God that is Geoff Mansfield, was constantly e-mailing various CEO’s and bigwigs from HTC and Orange in regards to where the bloody hell the update was, and after posting all of the emails onto the ‘discussions’ page he managed to get the update out of both companies. Now obviously it might not have been because of Geoff’s hard work, but I think if the Facebook group wasn’t created then we would still be waiting. It is only when people come together as one big angry customer that companies release that, hey, people might actually possess feelings and care what we do. So a huge shout out to Geoff Mansfield for having the initiative to make an active Facebook group and getting the group lots of attention across the internet! I am enjoying the update and have been rinsing my battery since yesterday.


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