Random Start #12: ‘Breathing In A New Mentality’ – Underoath

I never tend to listen to Underoath out of my own choice, but they have always been a good band. I just tend to neglect them and never became a huge fan. However, I do respect them as a hugely influential band and the fact that Aaron Gillespie is just an incredible drummer. This particular song off of ‘Lost In The Sound Of Seperation’ reminds me of Everytime I Die a hell of a lot, the guitar riffs are very southern-rock and the vocals are very similar. It’s just a shame that within the sprawl of bands influenced by Underoath, a huge number of these bands are just purely awful rip-off bands and are seemingly incapable of producing any form of original creativity. We played a show in Harlow yesterday and the first band were a great example of this. They listen to one or two bands and then rip them off so much that they may as well be a tribute band. Unfortunately, their favourite band was Madina Lake. Better luck next time.


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