This morning I looked online to receive the one result I was waiting to hear about so I could finally confirm my place at Bournemouth University and book my accommodation (finally).

Bournemouth University set me a conditional offer of DDM (that is distinction distinction merit, not just D) in my BTEC Music course, a pass in my Music Theory exam and a B in my AS Music Tech. I had already received my BTEC Music result as I left college which I got a DDD in, so I was chuffed with that. A few weeks ago my music theory exam result came out and I got a merit which is better than a pass; I continued to be happy. And this morning my final result made everything fall into place, I got an A. So all in all I am pretty chuffed, not only have I met Bournemouth’s conditional offer but I have exceeded it, and now I have finally been able to apply for accommodation. Good luck to everyone else getting results today and I hope you all exceed your expectations!


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  1. George Aylward

    Hi Jordan,
    Congratulations on the A level result Well done, but only to be expected of someone with your musical expertise. There was not really any doubts in my mind that you would not achieve the basic requirements and you showed that you could do even better. I wish you a much success in your future studies at Bournemouth University.

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