Better Than Watching the Women’s World Cup.

Muse Banners

I have just got home from work and there is nothing on apart from the Women’s World Cup. Now I am no misogynist, but when I watch women play football I want to kill myself. Luckily I have vices that stop me from killing myself, one of these being blogging. So I thought I better hop right to it.

On Friday I went to go watch my favourite band Muse at Wembley Stadium. Upon arrival was a stage unlike anything I have ever seen. It was like some sort of optical illusion, with a huge sloping roof that had a good 50 screens on it displaying visuals throughout Muse’s set.

White Rabbits were just finishing their set as we got there, with my cousin informing me that their closing song is on the lastest FIFA World Cup game. They sounded pretty good but I am yet to give them a proper listen since. We had to wait until The Big Pink came on so we got a beer. Oh, what a mistake that was. The only beer they were serving was Carlsberg from bottles, and after paying £4.20 for a pint I took my first sip and I think I might have shed a few tears. It was the most disgusting tramps urine I have ever drank, and believe me I have drunk a lot of tramps urine. After forcibly drinking the rest I decided to just not drink whatsoever. My dad, however, got a right bargain paying £4.50 for this very generous amount of Smirnoff Ice…

After watching The Big Pink slay my ears for half an hour (they were literally garbage) Lily Allen came on another half hour later. I wasn’t excited for Lily, but she took everyone by surprise I think. She played hit after hit, put a few dubstep and Drum’n’Bass interludes into a few songs and her drummer was the best live drummer I have seen in probably ever. But let’s be honest, everyone by now was just waiting to see Muse. They took to the stage at 8:45 and played a blistering two-hour set, opening with Uprising and ending with Knights of Cydonia. In between UFO’s flying over the crowd and Matt wearing a suit made of red and blue LED’s, they played an amazing set. The only gripe I had with it is that they played a very minimal amount of older material which I was waiting to see. It makes sense to play their biggest hits with a show of that huge scale, but apparently last night (Saturday) they played Citizen Erased, which is probably my favourite Muse song. But apart from that, it was the most ridiculous live show I will see in years. One word of warning though, if you ever plan to go to Wembley Stadium to see a band, be prepared to have the biggest nightmare of a journey home.

I worked my last ever Sunday shift at Marks and Spencers Basingstoke today. It is exciting because it just makes me realize that university is less than a week away but it is also a saddening time because it makes me realize that having absolutely no money is less than a week away. I’ve only got tomorrow and Friday night to work and then I am through with that job. I am curious as to whether TIghtass McGee and her many stingy minions will be so kind as to get me a leaving present after working there for two years. To be honest I’m not expecting them to because I have got used to them being complete slave-drivers, but they might just surprise me and get me something. Even a card would be nice, but hey, it’s the 21st century, they probably use those e-card things.

I am currently listening to Curren$y’s album ‘Pilot Talk’. A lot of talk about marijuana, but some of the beats are wonderful and this song ‘Breakfast’ has a nice jazzy feel which I dig a lot. If anyone doesn’t like swearing in their music, I wouldn’t really bother pressing ‘play’.


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