Music for the Minuses

Today I spent a lot of time listening to undiscovered music. There is nothing I prefer than broadening my musical knowledge and today was a day to take my knowledge to the gym, baby!

The first batch of aural delights was due to The Guardian’s Music Weekly podcast, of which I am an avid listener (the other week I was so bored I sat at my laptop pressing refresh until the new episode had uploaded). This week, Rosie Swash interviews a very interesting band called Crystal Fighters, go check them out. They are very influenced by a lot of weird Spanish pop from the 1980’s and they were kind enough to upload a mix of their favourite tunes via Mixcloud. I have a feeling that the Spanish Pop of the 1980’s wasn’t quite as mainstream as what we had over here, with names such as ‘Me Gusta Ser Una Zorra (I Want To Be A Whore)’, ‘Tengo Un Hippopotamo En Mi Bañera (I Have A Hippo In My Bathtub)’ and the evocatively titled ‘Suck It To Me’, but some of the songs are amazing. The Hippo song is terrifically manic and would have been the perfect accompanying music to a Spanish version of F Zero X, whilst ‘I Want To Be A Whore’ is dark and aggresive, proper garage-punk that I could definitely listen to on a regular basis. Anyway, just listen to the mix. If your mum asks what the bloody hell you are listening to, either say that it’s homework or you picked up a virus from this blog. Also do check out Crystal Fighters, they are a really interesting Euro-Dance band and more people should be playing their songs in clubs. This song is called ‘Xtatic Truth’. There’s something really disturbing about this song that kind of freaks me out a little bit, I think it’s that guys voice, he sounds like Dr. Nick from The Simpsons, and he doesn’t belong in a hard-dance song.

Another album that I may have arrived late to is the Deerhunter album ‘Halcyon Digest’. If you are a fan of Hype Machine or any other music blog aggregator, you don’t really need me banging on about the album like a broken record, but I’m very good at being a broken record, as are many other bloggers. That’s how we operate i’m afraid. A friend on my Twitter account posted a video to this brilliant song ‘Helicopter’ off of the album and I fell in love. The harpsichord is fantastic, but which is better, the ‘Helicopter’ harpsichord or the ‘Two For Nero’ harpsichord? I’ll let you fight over that, because I can’t decide.

The last band that I would like to ‘showcase’ on here today are ‘Warpaint’. Recently signed to Rough Trade Records, the all-female band have released a terrific single, ‘Undertow’. I heard a rather misogynistic reference to them being the ‘foxy Fleet Foxes’. The only thing similar with Fleet Foxes are the vocal harmonies, the rest of the sound for me is a mish-mash between the xx and Dirty Projectors. Saying that, I don’t believe that they stole anything from the xx, this release has come out too soon for me to believe that they have listened to the xx and decided that they want to sound a little similar. So check the song out, it really is a well-written little number.


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