General Update

I started a new full-time job last Tuesday, and since then my opportunities to blog have been few and far between. Full-time work squashes and tramples on any hope you once had of blogging and blends it into a ‘hope smoothie’, suitable for drinking. Once you drink it, it all becomes a vicious circle. The hope that you have just drunk will still amount to nothing and it will just get trampled on again, it’s kind of like recycling. Basically, I haven’t found any time to do a decent blog post. Even this post isn’t classified as decent, in my eyes a ‘decent’ blog post requires a fair amount of time spent doing research and getting everything down to a tee. It might have to become primarily a weekend thing.

I turned 19 this time last week, saw Jimmy Eat World and Minus The Bear last night and I get my first pay-packet on Friday. In between working and doing everything else, I have had Kanye’s new album on repeat constantly. Literally, constantly. I think it is an absolute revelation in hip-hop music. Alexis Petridis in this weeks Music Weekly described it as ‘Kanye basically saying “I am insane, please advise” ‘, and i’m not sure that is even a bad thing. If this album is Kanye insane, then someone please hide the straightjacket where he will never find it, because I absolutely love an insane Kanye West. I downloaded the album leak, then bought it on iTunes on Monday and I am going to buy it in physical format as well, because this is an album I am going to give to my children when I am older. I don’t care about the expletives involved, it’s all part of the album and the emotions it relays to the listener. If you don’t have this album, you have to buy it because I don’t really know what I did without this album. Did I mention that I think it’s pretty good?

Youtube have a lot of really awful quality versions of songs off the album, and I lot of them have been pitched up for some reason, resulting in Kanye et al sounding like Alvin and the Chipmunks after puberty. If you want to really enjoy the music, BUY IT!


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