Kanye/Jay Z – H*A*M

Not much can cause Facebook to crash completely, but when Jay-Z and Kanye West get together to show the world their first collaborative single off the forthcoming album ‘Watch The Throne’, the site briefly collapsed due to sheer online traffic. Released on 11.1.11 and being streamed only via Facebook, the single is completely different to what I expected. It isn’t the warm, groovy, sample-based hip-hop you’d expect from the pair; this is a very upfront, Lil Wayne-esque beat, with the fast high hats and booming 808 kick below. About three-quarters through comes a female operatic battle, before the song comes shooting back in at full-force. It’s certainly an explosive debut from the duo, one that tells you they are a force to be reckoned with.

I’m not terribly fond of the backing, but some of the flows on this song are amazing. The song is effectively a showboating opportunity, teasing their audience before the knock out blow I am hoping for in a few months.

The song appears to have been taken down from Facebook, but you can listen to the song HERE.

‘Watch The Throne’ is reportedly set for a 1 March release on Def Jam Records.


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