Flying Lotus Treats Fans Who Purchased ‘Cosmogramma’

With the music industry in rapid decline and consumers becoming bored with the conventional methods of consumption, record labels, bands and artists are coming up with new, innovative ways to release their music. Be it through newspapers (Prince, McFly, many more), letting the consumer choose a price for the material (Radiohead, Yeasayer as mentioned in earlier post) or easy access to free music streaming via the internet (record labels putting their music onto services such as Spotify), ideas are popping up thick-and-fast. It makes listening to or consuming music more exciting, original and attractive, and Flying Lotus is the latest artist to play upon this.

After releasing his critically-acclaimed album ‘Cosmogramma’ last year (get it NOW, it’s a masterpiece), Steven Ellison – the great nephew of Alice and John Coltrane – has decided to reward the fans that paid for the album with unreleased material and alternate versions. The coolest thing about this, however, is the way you receive the extra content. A webcam application called Trigger has been designed, in which you take a picture of the CD, vinyl or PDF booklet if you bought it digitally, with your webcam. Once the picture has been taken, the application uses image-recognition technology to confirm your proof of purchase and in return triggers the free download(s). Cool or what!? Here’s a very short demonstration:



I can personally see this becoming more widely-used in the future, encouraging people to continue paying for their music. I am intrigued to hear the bonus material myself!


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