Something has changed on your application…

I’ve recently been waiting on UCAS to send me those teasing e-mails that they seem to send you whilst you are in the most inconvenient place to check your Google Mai, such as at work, or maybe as soon as you have walked out of your front door.

“Dear Jordan, something has changed on your UCAS application. This may be because of *insert bullshit here*, so please log onto ‘Track Progress’ on your UCAS”. I’m not new to this; I was lucky enough to get these last year too, albeit in vain. If you have not been through the joyful and simply mind-blowing process that is UCAS, these e-mails mean that a university you have applied to has sent you an offer, an interview, or a notification that you are unsuccessful.

I have now received replies from all four universities I applied to this year. I received an unconditional offer from Kingston, an interview to Bournemouth and Westminster and an unsuccessful notification from City. I am slightly disappointed about being rejected from City, but I made the decision a few weeks ago to choose Kingston as my firm choice, studying Journalism. Despite already previously attending Bournemouth for a brief period, I was never fond of the location, the atmosphere (let’s get absolutely off our tits then complain about our hangover the whole of the next day!) and I don’t want to risk not enjoying it for a second time and consequently dropping out again. I think the highlight of my time in Bournemouth was watching a bird of prey catch a mouse on a cliff near the beach. And so I am not attending the interview, which is tomorrow morning. As for Westminster, I am still keeping an open mind about it. I would absolutely love to live in central London for 3 years, but accommodation is stupidly expensive for a crappy bed and a sink, with a shower you have to share with dozens of other strangers. However, the interview is in March and I am very much looking forward to making an opinion. But for now, all eyes on Kingston.

When I chose to go to Bournemouth last year, the last thing I thought of was location. Second time round, this is something I am considering a lot more, although still obviously keeping the standards of the course as #1 priority. The location of Kingston would be perfect for me. It’s a very short train journey into central London where I would no doubt spend a lot of time going to gigs, seeing friends in London and doing STUFF, it isn’t far from home should I decide/need to come back and the town itself looks charming, appealing and very well facilitated in terms of shops and restaurants. Oh yeah, Bournemouth town centre is fucking awful. I think the highlight of my time in Bournemouth was watching a bird of pr…oh yeah. Kingston is also home to the Peel and the Hippodrome, two great venues that are regularly host to some equally great bands. Live music was something else I craved whilst living down in Dorset.

When I was nearing my time to make the move down to Bournemouth, I was not the slightest bit excited, however, the prospect of starting again in Kingston feels different, it leaves me feeling optimistic, motivated, ambitious and hopeful for a bright future. As long as there are some terrific birds of prey, I will be set for life.



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2 responses to “Something has changed on your application…

    it’s awesome here
    I went to an open thing at Westminster, completely put off by it, just had a lackluster atmosphere and didn’t seem as nice a place as Kingston

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