Weekend Playlist #4

The last week has been filled with thrills and spills all thanks to Radiohead. A completely out of the blue announcement on Monday for new album The King of Limbs, a tweet indicating an announcement in Japan on Friday and then the album being pushed forward by twenty-four hours for release, it’s all been happening. Many people including me believe there will be a second half to The King of Limbs. The last song is called Seperator, with the last lyric being ‘If you think this is over then you’re wrong’, TKOL is unusually short compared to the other seven albums and the newspaper edition of the album, out in May, has two 10″ vinyls included, space for plenty more material.

Unfortunately the album isn’t available on Spotify but I have included the brilliant song Lotus Flower on the Youtube playlist. Have a gander at this:

Bright Eyes – Shell Games

The second track off of new album The People’s Key. A slightly more contemporary direction for Conor Oberst, his cryptic poetry going from strength to strength.

The Smiths – Rubber Ring

A favourite off of the album The World Won’t Listen. Another classic Andy Rourke funk bass-line with a great melody.

Anna Calvi – Blackout

Anna Calvi might be a newcomer but her song-writing skills are second-to-none. Predicted big things for 2011 and quite rightly so.

Radiohead – Lotus Flower (YOUTUBE ONLY)

Perhaps the best video of all time, Thom Yorke is a magician. The song gets better and better after each listen and this might just be the beginning…

Royksopp – Sparks

I found this in my vinyl collection recently and completely forgot about its greatness. Put this on and chill out.

Written on the Forehead – PJ Harvey

Off of her new critically acclaimed album Let England Shake, this song uses a sample from Niney the Observer’s Blood and Fire, a great reggae song about, basically, the apocalypse. Nice. The whole album is great and is a personal insight into Harvey’s schizophrenic views of her home country.

Gil Scott Heron and Jamie xx – NY Is Killing Me

Jamie xx has been on the fire over the last six months and his run of form is set to continue with the release of We’re New Here, which I mentioned in the last post. Check out the bass on this badboy.

Jenny Lewis – Carpetbaggers

Sometimes you get these moments of revelation when you get a good song on iTunes shuffle. This was due to one of those moments. Jenny Lewis and Elvis Costello sound excellent together on this song, Costello’s voice is faultless.

James Blake – Wilhelms Scream

Okay, okay, i’m sure you’ve got an RSS feed going into overload because of this song, but I had to end the playlist with this. The internet set on fire when people realised this song was taken from one of Blake’s dads songs, Where to Turn. Who cares where it came from though, the song is beautiful.

SPOTIFY: Weekend Playlist #4

YOUTUBE: Weekend Playlist #4


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