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Stream: Gil Scott Heron and Jamie xx – We’re New Here

Jamie xx has been riding high on the crest of a wave made of pure praise for the King Midas of remixes. His recent re-working of Adele’s Rolling In The Deep was a smash hit for music bloggers worldwide and he is now rumoured to be working with Canadian hip-hop bigwig Drake, so I guess it’s about time he released an albums worth of material.

We’re New Here is a personal interpretation of Gil Scott Heron’s fantastic 2010 release I’m New Here, with a few older songs thrown in for good measure (recognize Home? It’s sampled on Kanye West’s My Way Home). Jamie xx hasn’t put a foot wrong lately and they are still firmly stuck to the ground upon listening to this; the beats are fantastic, the album flows superbly – and most importantly – Jamie has taken good care preserving the soulfulness and honesty that is taken from the original Gil Scott Heron material.

Because WordPress won’t let me embed anything that isn’t a Youtube video (HATE!), please follow this link to the stream via The Guardian. Reliable as always.

We’re New Here is released February 21st. Pick it up without second thought.


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NEW RADIOHEAD ALBUM!!!!1!!1 – The King of Limbs

I almost screamed at my desk today when I heard this news. With a link on their website saying simply ‘thank you for waiting’, The King of Limbs is Radiohead’s eighth studio album, released via download this Saturday. In addition to the download, you can pre-order what is being dubbed as ‘the world’s first newspaper album’. No one quite knows what this will be, but we do know it consists of 2 clear vinyls, a CD, a purpose-built record sleeve and about a gazillion bits of artwork. I am most definitely pre-ordering it.

What the musical material will be like, nobody knows. Everyone seems to want The Bends mark 2, but I am hoping for something similar to In Rainbows; a perfect blend of the electronic and the natural influences that make Radiohead the game-changing band they will forever continue to be. The artwork certainly depicts an album of dark qualities. We’ll find out on Saturday…HOORAY!!!!!

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Yuck – Holing Out

Remember Cajun Dance Party? Of course you do, because they were great. Whilst it was a huge shame when they decided to go their separate ways, lead singer Danny and bassist Max – who now plays guitar – are now two of the young’uns behind Yuck.

A far cry away from the upbeat indie-pop that CDP wrote, Yuck are quite simply a shoegaze version of Sonic Youth. Basically. Whilst that sounds rather bland and boring (it certainly didn’t interest me before listening), Yuck are certainly not yuck. The above video is a Radio 1 session they did recently, performing their single ‘Holing Out’. Nice to see SOMEONE keeping the phase effect alive!

Yuck release their self-titled debut on February 21st and it is well worth a purchase. Apart from ‘Holing Out’, there is the tambourine-laden fuzzy haven that is ‘Georgia’, the rapturous album opener ‘Get Away’ and a handful of beautiful slower numbers such as ‘Suck and ‘Suicide Policeman’.


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The Strokes – Under Cover of Darkness

Five years and a few hit-and-miss side projects later, The Strokes are back and working up a frenzy in a way that only they could.

Their first single off upcoming album ‘Angles’ was released tonight at 7:30pm on their website, and it was premiered on Zane Lowe’s Radio 1 show.  With a great groove, a few strokes (had to be done) of Casablancas’ melodic genius and some pretty great guitar riffage (if you ignore the questionable Hammond Jr. solo), they have stuck to what they know, which at the end of the day is what everybody wanted. However, with everyone so excited and expectant of new material from these guys, it would be impossible to please 100% of their fans.

If i was to be really picky, I would have loved a bit more melodic flair in the vocals and a better guitar solo, but this hits the spot and Angles is eagerly anticipated.

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Flying Lotus fills in for Benji B on Radio 1

It’s been all over the internet the past two days, and I am late to give it a new home via Homework On The Fire, but bonsoir, ça va, FlyLo?

Benji B was on holiday at the time of his usual show, 2am on Thursday morning, so Flying Lotus filled in live from his house in California. He and a few friends came together for a Brainfeeder special, full of awesome DJ sets and live music courtesy of Matthew David, Gaslamp Killer, etc. If you like Flying Lotus, IDM, even James Blake-esque dance music, it will almost definitely be beneficial for you to take a listen.

It’s a shame i’m not an insomniac and could listen to these radio shows more often. Did anyone actually listen to the likes of Benji B and Giles Peterson before the iPlayer!?

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Bright Eyes – Haile Selassie

Conor Oberst and crew have released online what I believe is the second song from the upcoming Bright Eyes album ‘The People’s Key’. The first song ‘Shell Games’ caught me off-guard and I’m still not sure how I feel about it, but the new song ‘Haile Selassie’ is fantastiqué. The song title is an attractive reference to the African Emperor who was considered the Messiah by the Rastafari movement, but this song would still be great if Oberst called it ‘Dirty Bag of Dog Excrement’.

A far call away from his country/acoustic roots and the likes of ‘I’m Wide Awake It’s Morning’ (which is just an absolutely amazing album), this song is dirtier, rockier and much more raw than previous material. The vocal melodies hang in mid-air and then take unexpected turns, the lyrics speak of Zion, the Queen of Sheba and ‘trees of smoke’ and the synth work that is so prominent in ‘Shell Games’ is much more subtle throughout. Look forward to ‘The People’s Key’ NOW!

‘Haile Selassie’ is available to download for absolutely free. ‘The People’s Key’ is out February 15th.

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Homework On The Fire has Twitter!

The blog now has a Twitter where we will be sharing new blog posts as soon as they are published, along with general music opinion, discussion and other such treats. Follow us at @homeworkonfire!

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