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Stream: Gil Scott Heron and Jamie xx – We’re New Here

Jamie xx has been riding high on the crest of a wave made of pure praise for the King Midas of remixes. His recent re-working of Adele’s Rolling In The Deep was a smash hit for music bloggers worldwide and he is now rumoured to be working with Canadian hip-hop bigwig Drake, so I guess it’s about time he released an albums worth of material.

We’re New Here is a personal interpretation of Gil Scott Heron’s fantastic 2010 release I’m New Here, with a few older songs thrown in for good measure (recognize Home? It’s sampled on Kanye West’s My Way Home). Jamie xx hasn’t put a foot wrong lately and they are still firmly stuck to the ground upon listening to this; the beats are fantastic, the album flows superbly – and most importantly – Jamie has taken good care preserving the soulfulness and honesty that is taken from the original Gil Scott Heron material.

Because WordPress won’t let me embed anything that isn’t a Youtube video (HATE!), please follow this link to the stream via The Guardian. Reliable as always.

We’re New Here is released February 21st. Pick it up without second thought.


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