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Yuck – Holing Out

Remember Cajun Dance Party? Of course you do, because they were great. Whilst it was a huge shame when they decided to go their¬†separate¬†ways, lead singer Danny and bassist Max – who now plays guitar – are now two of the young’uns behind Yuck.

A far cry away from the upbeat indie-pop that CDP wrote, Yuck are quite simply a shoegaze version of Sonic Youth. Basically. Whilst that sounds rather bland and boring (it certainly didn’t interest me before listening), Yuck are certainly not yuck. The above video is a Radio 1 session they did recently, performing their single ‘Holing Out’. Nice to see SOMEONE keeping the phase effect alive!

Yuck release their self-titled debut on February 21st and it is well worth a purchase. Apart from ‘Holing Out’, there is the tambourine-laden fuzzy haven that is ‘Georgia’, the rapturous album opener ‘Get Away’ and a handful of beautiful slower numbers such as ‘Suck and ‘Suicide Policeman’.



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